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    Location: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
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    Wife's Paternal Line

    WHITE(bef 1820 - Lincolnshire, England),

    SHORT(bef 1900 - Lincolnshire, England),

    PATRICK(bef 1800 - Cabourne, Lincolnshire, England),

    BEVERLEY/BEVERLY(bef 1840 - Lincolnshire, England),

    COOK(bef 1830 - Lincolnshire, England),

    ELVIDGE(bef 1800 - Cabourne, Lincolnshire, England),

    WENNINGER(abt 1900 - North Dakota, United States of America),

    FEIST(abt 1880 - Ukraine),

    SENGER(bef 1880 - Ukraine)

    Wife's Maternal Line

    ABBOTT(abt 1940 - Newfoundland, Canada),

    MORGAN(ABT 1830 - Newfoundland, Canada),

    MUGFORD(abt 1840 - Newfoundland, Canada),

    PENNEY(abt 1900 - Newfoundland, Canada)

    My Paternal Line

    PARSONS(bef 1850 - Newfoundland, Canada),

    KENDALL(Bef 1850 - Newfoundland, Canada),

    EDWARDS(abt 1850 - Nova Scotia, Canada),

    BATES(abt 1830 - Nova Scotia, Canada)

    My Maternal Line

    KELLY(abt 1820 - Nova Scotia, Canada),

    KEHOE(abt 1770 - Nova Scotia, Canada),

    BALDWIN(abt 1850 - Nova Scotia, Canada),

    O'DOWD / DOWD(abt 1820 - Nova Scotia, Canada),

    TUTTY(bef 1715 - Hertfordshire, England),

    HANNAM(abt 1850 - Newfoundland, Canada),

    BUFFITT(abt 1850 - Newfoundland, Canada)
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    Surname Locations


    Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan & Alberta


    Hertfordshire & Lincolnshire


    North Dakota


    Best genealogy moment Contacting a cousin I didn't know existed, from a posting I made nine years previously.
    Time in history current to 1700 (for now)

    Genealogy, Fishing, Reading, Kite building / flying & Computers.

    History / Genealogy Books I Own

    Saturday, November 15, 2008, 10:25 PM [General]

    I own the following books and am willing to do look ups. Just send a note to my inbox. Please don't post your requests on the blog.


    Trails and Crossroads - Killarney (Manitoba, Canada)
    Saga of Little Prairie - Chetwynd (British Columbia, Canada)
    To The Hill of Boisdale (Nova Scotia, Canada)
    Tears Toil And Triumph - Kelvington (Saskatchewan, Canada)
    Hills of Hope - Wabamun Lake area (Alberta, Canada)
    By River And Trail - The History of Waskatenau and Districts (Alberta, Canada)
    Oxen Tales to Jet Trails - Vermillion River / Paradise Valley (Alberta, Canada)
    Along the Buffalo Coulee - Driver Area (Saskatchewan, Canada)
    Oxen to Oil: Diamond Memories - The History of the R.M. of Oakdale (Saskatchewan, Canada)
    Browsing Through the Years - Plumas and District 1876-1976 (Manitoba, Canada)
    The First Fifty Years - A History of United Grain Growers Limited (1906-1956 Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada)
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    Oh how I wish I had family history to ask about in one of these books! Anything on Prince Edward Island, or any 'port' of eastern Canadian island shores - particularly the Portuguese Fisherman of Cape Cod who fished their way up to that area between 1915-1920? I'm searching for the final resting place of a relative who may have been lost at sea, as such. Lynn (Herstory)

    Herstory n' History
    December 11, 2008
    2:21 AM
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    Gravestone pics

    Sunday, September 7, 2008, 10:08 PM [General]

    Hi all;

    I just uploaded some pics to the 'B', 'K' & 'P' folders on the Gravestone pics page.


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    They are from 1957. I have scanned them and will add them to my photo gallery. Thanks!

    February 27, 2009
    12:03 AM
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    Al thank you so much. That helps a lot. Still confused on why there are so many conflicts with his place of birth. But the Neu Stettin makes more since with his wife coming from Krangen. Love the picture of the your cat. Looks a lot like my Barney. Thanks again for helping me with the locations. Best wishes and happy digging, Lisa

    September 12, 2008
    9:03 PM
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    Greetings Al!!

    September 1, 2008
    6:21 PM
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